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Weekly Favorite & Published!

I was overly thrilled this past September to be part of the Weekly Favorites at Beyond the Wanderlust! Being chosen amongst such talented and wonderful artists and photographers is an incredible honor, and I was just happy to be part of it! The photo chosen was one taken of my two oldest girls at the MN State Fair, my favorite photo thus far in my career of them together. Such a sweet moment captured of them playing a fun fair game together :) I was then shocked and honored once more when I received an email informing me that Beyond the Wanderlust would love to publish the image in their brand new magazine! I was over the moon! Photography is something that came to me, that I found, and that I create as a personal goal in my life. I do it because I enjoy it, and because I want to prove to my girls, and show them, that you can do ANYTHING in the world you want to do. I made goals for my photography when I first started my business this past January 2014. Every goal I created for myself has been met, exceeded, and gone farther than I ever thought possible. It’s not easy being a stay-at-home mom of 3, owning and operating your own business, doing photoshoots, editing, staying up at all hours of the night doing my work, balancing doctor appointments, dental appointments, training your Newfoundland puppy, running errands, grocery shopping, cleaning the house,and maintaining a social life, entertainment, and fun for all your family members. Every day is work, but I do it to be a role model for my girls….somebody they can look up to. I’ve asked my oldest what she wants to do when she grows up, and her response the first time I asked her was “I don’t know.” Now, at the end of the year, since she’s started school and watched me tirelessly and endlessly work every night on sessions (most of the time sitting in my lap admiring my work!), she tells me a variety of things she wants to do. Astronaut, doctor, veterinarian, teacher, artist, (and my personal favorite!) photographer. I can see change in her, and I watch her vision grow. When I showed her the magazine that came in the mail with my photo in it, she gave me a huge smile and said “WOW!” She was speechless, and I know to her that was huge. Her mommy made it into a magazine! Even though she didn’t say it, I could tell the thoughts were racing through her head of how awesome it was to see it for real…..printed, and in her hands. THAT is my goal for every photo I take. THAT is my reason for doing what I do… show them that the world in in their hands. That dreams do come true, and you can do whatever you want to do in this world if you work for it. I am grateful to every feature that I’ve had of my photos, because I don’t expect it. I am grateful for the opportunity. I am grateful for the consideration. I am grateful because I love the art. Thank you Beyond the Wanderlust, what a wonderful honor to be a part of this beautiful magazine!





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